Do you sell direct or through a dealer network?
All-Tek Labeling sells both through dealers and directly to the customer.  It is the customer’s choice!  We value our dealer partners.  Either way, we pride ourselves on having a one-on-one relationship with every one of our customers so that we may best find the product that is suited for their needs.

What are your lead times?
Standard lead-time for stock products is 2-4 business days, 7-10 days for custom products.
Rush service is available for the asking.  Repeat custom orders can be partial shipped the same day.

Can I order a custom product on your website?
If you are a registered customer on our website, you may log in and place orders for stock products or repeat orders for custom items.

Do you run test samples?
Yes.  Test samples are available on all of our stock items.  When ordering a custom item for the first time we are happy to produce a test roll prior to producing an entire order.

Do you offer proofs?
Yes.  We will produce a proof on all new label orders.  We will e-mail you with a PDF proof. 
Color matching is hard to accomplish electronically when the colors are critical.  Different computer monitors, video card/drivers, and computer printers often represent colors differently.  Typically they will be in the ballpark but will likely vary somewhat.  Therefore, if exact color is important the only safe way to do it is either via a PMS (Pantone Matching System) number or via an actual sample PMS chip.  Your sales or customer service representative can help further with this.

Do you offer color matching?
Yes.  We carry 18 standard colors but any PMS (Pantone Matching System) color is available.  If you are unsure of the PMS number for the color you desire, simply furnish All-Tek with a sample of the color you are looking for and we will match it with the correct PMS code.

Do you charge for printing plates?
If you are ordering a new item, plate charges will incur.  For quality purposes, we purge unused plates every five years.  If a custom order has not been reordered in five years, a new plate will need to be made but there may not be a charge.

Can I order one roll of a custom label?
All-Tek will always manufacture as many or as few labels as you desire to your exact specifications.  Our short run program however is available to provide you with the most economical solution to small run custom orders.  In that program you can order label is a choice of ten sizes in ten colors with two different adhesives, with your choice of print.  This equates to two hundred possible configurations and the average minimum cost is approximately $60.  Please see the Short Run section in our catalog for more information.


How do I calculate how much thermal ribbon to buy?
The goal here is to match the total length of the ribbon, which is usually given in feet, to the total length of labels.  Here is the formula used for calculating how much ribbon to buy.
With a ruler, measure the top of one label to the top of the next label and multiply that number by the quantity of labels you have.  Divide that number by 12.  The resultant number is the total number of feet of labels you have.  Take that total footage and divide that by the length of the ribbon on one roll of ribbon.  This result is the number of ribbon rolls you will need to print on the quantity of labels you have.

Forexample: I have a 4” label with a 1/8” distance between labels so the top of one label to the top of the next label equals 4-1/8” or 4.125”.  There 20 rolls of 1000 per roll.

4” + 1/8”(0.125) = 4.125”
4.125” x 20,000labels = 82,5000”
82,5000” / 12” = 6,875’
6,875’ / 1,476’ (length of ribbon) = 4.657 rolls of ribbon. Round up to 5 rolls.

What is the difference between Tapes & Labels?
Tape is commonly referred to as “self wound”.  This means that there is no waxy paper backing.  While the tape may be made of a different material, think of it as common Scotch tape. 
Labels are on a waxy paper liner and can typically be pulled off individually.  The labels have adhesive on their backs, while the liner that they are pulled off of protects them from sticking to one another when wound on a roll.

What colors are available for printing?
All-Tek has 18 standard colors; however, any PMS (Pantone Matching System) color is available for your project.  Simply provide us with the correct PMS code or provide us with a sample of the color you would like and we can color match it for you.

How many labels can I get on a roll?
The answer to this question depends on what type of printer or dispenser you will be using. 
As a standard, All-Tek puts as many labels on a roll as possible to minimize the time it takes for roll changes.  Depending on your printer or dispenser, it may only have the capacity to hold a roll that does not exceed a certain outside diameter.  For custom labels, it is very important to inform your sales rep of what printer or dispenser you will be using.  Typically, a standard thermal printer will accept a roll that contains 500 feet of label media.  Due to labels of various sizes, the quantity of labels per roll will be determined by the maximum footage permitted by your equipment.  All-Tek can more specifically answer this for you during the ordering process.


What is the difference between thermal transfer and Thermal Direct?
There are two thermal printing methods: Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer.  Each method uses a thermal printhead that applies heat to the surface being imaged.  Thermal transfer printing uses a ribbon type ink to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials.  In Thermal Direct printing, no ribbon is used.  The imaging system is built into the label material and the image is created directly on the specially coated label stock.  While All-Tek offers certain very durable Thermal Direct media rivaling that of Thermal Transfer, generally direct thermal labels are more sensitive to UV light, and solvents.  Ask All-Tek about reagent resistant Thermal Direct Labels and eliminate the Hippa hassles of using ribbon printing methods.

What is the difference between visible Thermal Direct and infrared Thermal Direct materials?
Typically, this has to do with automated scanning of Bar Codes or other auto scanning symbologies.  Visible direct labels image black but the black is not seen as black if an infrared light source is used.  The black imaged on Infrared media on the other hand is seen as black in both the visible light range and in the infrared light range.  The key to choosing which material to use is to know the wavelength of the light source used by your scanning equipment.  All-Tek can recommend the correct and most cost effective material to use during the ordering process.

Do your products contain latex?
No.  Most of our products contain adhesives, which are produced with a synthetic rubber.  None of our products are produced with a natural latex or dry natural rubber.

Will your products fade?
As long as your products are stored in an optimal setting, they will maintain their true color.
If you are unsure what storage environment your labels require, inquire within our customer service department or with your local sales representative.  Additionally, environmentally sensitive products that we manufacture have the appropriate storage instructions clearly labeled on the packaging.

Do our products require Material Safety Data Sheets?
No.  Since we do not produce any hazardous materials, Federal or State law does not require MSDA’s on any of our products.

Does the FDA approve your blood bag or IV labels?
Yes.  All of our blood bag and IV label products are made with adhesives approved by the FDA for “Indirect Food Contact”

Do you offer Xylene & Stain resistant material?
Yes.  We carry several types of Xylene, stain and other chemical resistant materials.

Do you offer application specific materials?
Yes.  We offer many different application materials to meet the needs of your product.  Below are just some of the specific materials we carry.
-CO2Anerobic environment Thermal Direct label Material.
-Cryogenic Labels
-Oven resistant labels
-HIPPA Compliant labels and systems.
-Staining/Xylene resistant materials.
-Alcohol Resistant materials.

What kind of adhesives do you offer?
Removable, Permanent, Repositionable, All Temperature, Cold Temperature, Cryogenic, Glove Friendly, and others.
Removable adhesives allow an item to be labeled but the label will always be able to be removed cleanly and not adhere permanently to the substrate.
Permanent adhesives adhere to the labeled surface aggressively and after a setup time will not remove easily.  Often any attempt at label removal will result in the destruction of the label.  
Repositionable adhesives are ultimately permanent but take a longer time to achieve their ultimate bond.  This allows the user a period of time to remove and reposition the label if necessary before it becomes permanent.
All Temperature adhesives have a wider temperature range and allow labels to adhere well to surfaces that may have a significantly different temperature at the time of label application.
Cold Temperature adhesives work specifically in a colder temperature range and will ultimately be permanent.
Cryogenic Adhesives allow labels to withstand the extremely low temperatures of cryogenic freezers.
Glove Friendly adhesives will not adhere aggressively to exam gloves but will adhere well to specimen containers.  This is important in clinical settings to avoid the possibilty of a glove tear or the difficulty associated with handling a label that wants to stick to the gloves as well as the intended substrate.
Many other specialty adhesives are available to help solve common problems.  Be sure to ask your sales representative about any special situation you may have.


Cancellation Policy:
Upon cancellation of an order, the customer will be responsible for all production charges accrued through the date of the notice of cancellation.  For standard catalog items within catalog quantities, there will be no charge as long as the items do not ship.  For custom orders, the customer may be charged for tooling, typesetting, paper, or inks.  Run and Hold, Pick and Pack or Release Orders may be canceled, but the customer will be required to take the balance of the inventory that was allocated for his exclusive use.

Product Returns:
No product returns will be accepted without prior Return Authorization Number.  Standard catalog items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and may not be more than thirty days old, of standard catalog quantity, and returned in good resalable condition.  Freight, if any, is not refundable.  Custom items or standard catalog items in quantities exceeding catalog quantities are not returnable unless defective and as per our Warranty Policy. 

Shipping and Taxes:
At All-Tek it is our standard policy to ship F.O.B. point of shipment via Best Way.  Prior to quotation, we can ship F.O.B. destination.  If requested, All-Tek can bill your preferred carrier account.  State and local taxes, and Duties, if any, are billed accordingly to the customer.

All-Tek Labeling Systems’ products are warranted free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of sixty days from the date of shipment.  All-Tek Labeling Systems will not be responsible for merchandise unless a claim is made within sixty days from the date of shipment.

Defective Products:
All-Tek Labeling Systems can only control the quality of the product produced while the use of such product is under the sole control of the end user.  End Users are encouraged to evaluate samples prior to production runs.  In the event a product is determined to be defective, All-Tek Labeling Systems will replace al defective merchandise returned as the sole remedy.  Defects are limited to the product specifications according to industry standards and do not include the performance of a product in a specific application.

Minimum Orders:
A minimum purchase of $50 is required on all orders.  Specific product minimums vary depending upon the item you are ordering.

Delivered Quantity:
Due to production efficiency, All-Tek Labeling Systems reserves the right on custom orders to ship within 10% of the actual quantity ordered.  However, All-Tek invoices only for the quantity shipped.  If exact quantity is required, the customer must specify this prior to receiving a price quotation.