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Swisslog Hole Repair

We have developed a label to help save thousands of dollars in wasted medication.

If your pharmacy gets back unused medication from the patient floors with ruptured Swisslog pouch holes then this product could help you to save time and avoid expense.

The Problem:
Unused medications are returned to the pharmacy. Sometimes the hole in the Pillpick pouch has been broken. These pouches obviously cannot be put back into the robot without the protracted time and administrative process of opening the pouches and putting the meds back into the correct bulk bin. Often, instead, the pouches are collected and stored only to wind up being discarded at a later date.

The Solution:
Once the hole is repaired, the pouch can be put back into the robot. Our clear film label easily and effectively repairs, or mends, the hole in the Pillpick pouch. This inexpensive solution may save thousands of dollars in otherwise wasted medication. The process can be a manual one or can be semi automatic if using an available dispenser specifically designed to handle the process.